Textile Engineering

  1. Apparel Manufacturing Technology
  2. Apparel Production Management
  3. Basic of Knitting
  4. Color Space and it’s Divisions
  5. Dyeing and Chemical Technology of Textile
  6. Introduction to Apparel Merchandising Design and Textiles
  7. Textile Dictionary
  8. Textile PPC
  9. Textile Printing
  10. Leslie W.C. Miles. Textile Printing (2nd ed.)
  11. Textile Reference Book for Finishing
  12. Textile Reference Book for Knitting
  13. Textile Reference Book for Man Made Fibres
  14. Textile Reference Book for Spinning
  15. Textile Reference Book for Nonwovens
  16. The Chemistry of Dyeing
  17. Fashion Sew
  18. Electronics and Computing in Textiles
  19. Large Book of Textile Designs
  20. Sinclair Rose. Textiles and Fashion
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