Biochemisty and Molecular Biology

প্রাণরসায়ন ও অনুপ্রাণ বিজ্ঞান (Biochemisty and Molecular Biology):

শাহজালাল বিজ্ঞান ও প্রযুক্তি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়


BMB 121 Introductory Biochemisty
  1. David.L.Nelson,.Michael.M.Cox(2004),Lehninger_Principles_of_Biochemistry(4th_Edition).W.H.Freeman
  2. David.L.Nelson,.Michael.M.Cox(2008),Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry(5th_Edition).W.H.Freeman
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BMB 122 Biophysical Chemistry –I
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BMB 123 Bioorganic Chemistry –I
  1. R.T.Morrison,R.N.Boyd(2002).Organic Chemistry(6th Edition).Prentice-Hall of India Pvt. Ltd.


FES 101 Botany


MAT 102BM Trigonometry, vectors & Geometry


ENG 101 English Language I


BMB 125 Introductory Molecular Biology


BMB 126 Biophysical Chemistry – II


BMB 127 Bioorganic Chemistry – II


MAT 103BM Calculus & Differential Equations


PHY 105B Physics for Biologists –I


ENG 103 English Language – II/


BMB 221 Enzymology-I


BMB 222 Metabolism –I


GEB 201 Zoology


PHY 205B Physics for Biologists – II


CSE 203Y Introduction to Computer Language


BMB 224 Enzymology-II


BMB 225 Human Physiology
  1. Human Biology
  2. Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology
  3. Textbook of Medical Physiology


BMB 226 Microbiology


STA 209B Biostatistics


EEE 103 Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits


BMB 321 Metabolism –II


BMB 322 Molecular biology-I G.Karp(2009). Cell and Molecular Biology-Concepts and Experiments(6th edition). John Wiley & Sons Inc.


BMB 323 Molecular Genetics


BMB 324 Organic Reaction Mechanism


BMB 325 Plant Biochemistry


BMB 326 Endocrinology


BMB 328 Genetic engineering
  1. An Introduction to Genetic Engineering
  2. Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis: An Introduction


BMB 329Basic Immunology
  1. J.Owen,J.punt,S.stranford(2012). Kuby Immunology (7th edition).W. H. Freeman & Company
  2. P.Lydyard,A. Whelan,M.Fanger(2011).BIOS Instant Notes in Immunology(2nd).Taylor & Francis Group
  3. T.J. Kindt, R.A Goldsby,B.A. Osborne(2006).Kuby Immunology(4th edition)W. H. Freeman & Company


BMB 330 Clinical biochemistry


BMB 331Chemistry of Natural products
  1. D.L. Pavia, G.M. Lampman, G.S. Kriz(2000). Introduction to Spectroscopy(3rd edition). Brooks Cole


BMB 332 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  1. An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry
  2. Principles of Biochemical Toxicology
  3. PowerPoint Slide of Introduction to Drug Design
  4. Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews Pharmacology


BMB 421 Cell biology
  1. B.Alberts et al(2007). Molecular Biology of the Cell(5th edition). Garland Science
  2. J. Hardin,G.P.Bertoni, L.J. Kleinsmith(2011). Becker’s World of the Cell (8th Edition). Pearson – Benjamin Cummings


BMB 422 Genomics and Proteomics
  1. E.S. Lander, et al(2001),Initial sequencing and analysis of the Human Genome.Nature-Volume 409 Number 6822 pp745-964
  2. J. Craig Venter et al(2001), The Sequence of the Human Genome. Science-Vol. 291 no. 5507 pp. 1304-1351
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BMB 423Bioinformatics
  1. J.M.Claverie, C.Notredame(2007). Bioinformatics For Dummies(2nd Edition). John Wiley & Sons Inc.


BMB 424 Oncology


BMB 425 Plant Biotechnology
  1. C. Neal Stewart(2012). Plant Biotechnology and Genetics Principles, Techniques and Applications(1st edition). Wiley-Interscience


BMB 426 Industrial Biotechnology


BMB 428 Molecular biology-II


BMB 429 Applied Immunology
  1. D.Male,J.Brostoff,D.B.Roth,I.Roitt(2006). Immunology (7th edition). Mosby-Elsevier
  2. I.M. Roitt,P.J. Delves Roitts(2001) Essential Immunology(10th edition).John Wiley & Sons


BMB 430 Virology


BMB 431 Neurochemistry
BMB 432 Nutritional Biochemistry